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A message from AWF's, Ash.

Updated: May 19

I'm writing this having no idea what will come of it; if anyone will read it, understand it the way it'd intended...what if my thoughts are all over the place? Unjustified? What if I've overcommitted to writing blog updates and weeks go by before I put out another?

I don't have these answers; but I do have things to say, and for now, that's good enough.

A tiny glimpse of me... (for now)

My name is Ashley (Ash for short) and I have the tendency to commit to interests before considering their necessity. I use more words than necessary to say something simple. I overthink too much, and I'm enthusiastic about my work; all of it. I'm a perfectly flawed human being and I won't claim to have it all together; the Lord knows I don't. But, my heart is in the right place as I'm pouring it out. So, I'm taking this opportunity to share what's on it.

If you dare to read on, buckle up. My passions are extensive and this ride can get a little wild.

Connect more with you soon!

- Ash