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That one dreaded September day...

September 28th, 2022

Total transparency, this day changed lives. And yet, I feel as though I can't or shouldn't speak of it. It would hurt people; like ripping the band-aid off of delicate skin. I saw grown men cry; rightfully so. People's personalities change; they left jobs they loved with sudden notice. A strong, blue-collar worker, completely torn. A gracious team, spreading their condolences to a hurting one.

I weep with you, still. I feel sorrow for all involved; nearby and afar. And, the one whose origin this belongs to. I weep with you, and your loved ones too. It shouldn't have happened. You didn't mean for it to happen. And then, the rolling yellow 'safety protector'. There was no sound. You didn't... you didn't make a sound.

I've thought about this day, this incident, this memory, on three (3) separate, powerful, occasions thus far in the last 6 days. I'm crushed by this memory, near Little Italy. I'll remember this moment forever, and for always.

- Ash